Techies area where advancement of Electronic Devices is done using Integrated Technology in a cost effective manner. The products are being purchased by
clients over the globe.

What we offer

Advances in VLSI have today enabled most systems to become compact, highly reliable and deliver data at high speed.

Further the advances facilitate the designer to tailor the IC for specific applications (Application Specific Integrated Circuits).

Requirement of improved solutions for miniaturization, high speed, reliability, and high performance computers, necessitates skilled engineers.Thus there is an urgent need to produce quality engineers who can conceive, design and develop VLSI and Embedded systems.

We are aiming at VLSI system design (both Front end & Back end designs) covering algorithms, h/w description Languages, System Architectures, Physical designs, Verification techniques, Simulation & Synthesis, Low power design techniques and mixed mode design methodologies.


Internships and Trainings

Audrey Edu has always provides services that allows graduates to get their dream job.

We provide trainings which include hardware implementation and final project implementation.

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  Verilog                                                       VHDL   Projects using UART communication                 Several live projects                                             

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